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Patio Cover Construction

Patio cover over a front deck
A covered patio provides protection for your patio furniture.

Cypress Deck Contractor also specializes in patio cover construction. Our professionals will build a strong and sturdy patio cover for your deck or patio. This will ensure that you are protected from the weather. Cypress TX and the surrounding areas experience lots of heat, humidity, and rain. This can provide challenges to spending large amounts of time outside. However, when you have a covered patio, you have the option of ceiling fans to move the air and provide a cool breeze. In addition, a covered patio gives you more options for outdoor lighting and allows you to be outside in the evening when it is cooler. Consider, your patio furniture and grills are protected from the weather with a patio cover. And, a little rain won’t ruin a party because you can stay dry under the roof of your patio.

Patio cover with a fire pit
Enjoy life outside under your beautiful patio cover.

There are a wide variety of patio covers and designs and we can help you pick the best one for your property. Our builders are extremely experienced with patio cover construction and it is always our mission to produce the highest quality product at the best price. We will walk you through the process of identifying the best patio cover for your home. Contact us to discuss the options and additional features that we can provide.

We are experienced!

It is extremely important to hire experienced contractors when making additions to your home and property. Because these additions directly effect the value of your home, hire the best. When you employ Cypress Deck Contractor, you rest assured that our projects add great value to your property. We take the time to assess the situation and to design structures that are durable and attractive for many years. We do our business in Cypress and the surrounding areas. Therefore, we understand the lay of the land and the elements that our structures must withstand. Your home will look better, provide you with more living space, and be worth more when you hire Cypress Deck Contractor.